The salty vibes will flow over you like shivers on your skin with Sup Ventura’s Experiences!
An explosive mix of fun, romance, and carefreeness that will give you unforgettable moments.

  • Sup Yoga
  • Sunrise in Sup
  • Sup ‘n’ Breakfast
  • Sunset Tour

Sup Yoga

  • Sup Yoga a fresh innovation at Lazaretto Beach!
    SUP Yoga is a Yoga class practiced in shallow water on a SUP board, where you can combine relaxation with training to improve balance, strength, and flexibility.
    Arianna from @sup_ventura and Manuela from @manuelabutshakti, an experienced instructor, will guide you step by step through various Yoga positions and techniques, starting from the basics.
    No experience in Yoga or SUP is required.
    Come and discover all the benefits of Sup Yoga!

Special Vibes

  • Sunrise Tour It’s definitely one of the most intense and suggestive experiences to do with a Sup. Sunrise is the moment when nature awakens, offering a unique spectacle of colors and sounds Starting from Lazzaretto Beach, we will cross the bay to the Tower and sitting on the board, we will admire the sunrise above the city of Alghero. We will continue paddling in the peace and silence of the early morning hours until Capo Galera and then return to Lazzaretto Beach where a delicious breakfast awaits you at the seaside Restaurant Bar “La Torre”. The departure schedule varies depending on the time of year.
  • Sup ‘n’ Breakfast: start your day right! Before going to work or simply to enjoy the sea in the peace and quiet of the early morning hours. An hour of paddling in the beautiful coves around Lazzaretto Beach. Upon return, a delicious breakfast awaits you at the seaside Restaurant Bar “La Torre”. Departure at 7.00 am, return and breakfast at 8.00 am.

Sunset Tour

  • Sunset Tour a paddle at sunset among the coves of Lazzaretto Beach to Capo Galera. Along the way, you can admire the beautiful sunset colors from the sea with the sun slowly disappearing between Capo Caccia and Punta Giglio and on the other side in the distance, the city of Alghero turning pink and purple with a beautiful golden sea. About two hours of relaxation and romance where well-being and the feeling of being one with nature will leave you with unforgettable memories. The departure schedule varies depending on the time of year.

Difficulty: our activities, being adaptable, are suitable for everyone, including beginners. In any case, an introductory lesson will be provided to offer basic stand-up paddle practice and some water safety rules.

Sup Ventura’s specially-adapted SUP boards make our activities (Sunrise Tour, Sup ‘n’ Breakfast and Sunset Tour) accessible to disabled and differently-abled guests. Contact us in advance in order to guarantee a totally safe, enjoyable and satisfying experience.

Sunrise in accessible sup

Language: ita/eng.

Meeting point: Restaurant Bar “La Torre“, Lazzaretto Beach, Alghero.

What to bring: swimwear, mask and snorkel, sunscreen, a bottle of water, sunglasses, and a hat. For those who want to bring their phone during the activity, it is recommended to get a waterproof case.

Included in the activity: board, paddle, leash, life jacket and a waterproof bag.

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The excursions do not involve or include, on the part of Sup Ventura, any tourist/nature guide activity but are to be considered technical excursions for learning and perfecting the correct paddling technique.

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